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Basement remodel

Are you looking to remodel your basement or kitchen? Here are a few things to consider before remodeling any room in your house.
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How old is the house/wiring

If your house was built in the 50s, 60s, or 70s, you should have an electrician come and check the wiring. If your wiring is an older style of wire, it is required to be updated if you decide to remove any kind of drywall or move any walls.

What new appliances, tools, or equipment are being installed

Depending on what new appliances or equipment you want to add, you might not have a big enough panel to hold the extra Circuits needed to run them, or you could only have 100A Service at your home and not enough power to run the new equipment/appliances.

New Electrical Codes

The Electrical codes change every 3yrs. If you’re doing any kind of remodel, you need to know if you need to add more GFI Outlets, Smoke detectors, or even Arc Fault Breakers to the new room/area so its up to date with the Electrical Code Standards for your Township.

We suggest that every homeowner reach out to us and have us walk through their project. We can help with all the above questions, but we also know that most houses don’t have enough outlets, so we go through and layout the outlet locations to follow the newest electrical standards along with learning about your space and making sure you have all the outlets you need to make life easier. Over the years we have learned that a lot of older homes have installed switches in some awkward locations. We like to think about the flow of the house and put switches where they need to go. We don’t want you to enter a room and not be able to turn a light on forcing you to walk in the dark to find a switch.